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PCParlor - Old Fashioned service in a high tech world.


PC Parlor - Residential Computer ServicesDon’t feel comfortable taking your computer to a big box store? We don't blame you!

Instead, bring your computer to our shop to experience good old fashioned service.

Running slow? We can fix that! Work at home and need a system upgrade and integration with other home office technology? We are on it!

At PC Parlor we have multiple ways to help you use your home computer at peak efficiency:

  • Bring your computer to our shop for service
  • Call us for an appointment at your home
  • We can remotely assist you without you ever having to leave your home

Which works best for you? See contact page for location and geographic area served.

PC Parlor Average Pricing

  • $65 per hour for shop service at our PC Parlor location, minimum 1 hour
  • $125 per hour at your home or business, minimum 1 hour

PC Parlor - Residential Computer ServicesAverage Price Range**

  • Virus Removal - $195 per computer (includes tune up)
  • Data Transfer - $65 to $195
  • Tune Up - $65 to $130 for a non-infected system
  • New Computer Set up - $65 to $195
  • Factory software Restore, no data back up - $130
  • Factory software Restore, with data back up - $195
  • Laptop Repair - $65 to $195 plus parts
  • Hardware and Software Troubleshooting - $65 to $195 (plus parts)
  • Data Recovery – Minimum $65 Call for more information and pricing

**These prices are averages based on current customer experiences and are guidelines. Your price may vary depending on your computer and the issues.


The guys at PC Parlor were incredible. They advised me that the computer I brought in wasn't worth repairing. They weren't turning down business, they were just being honest and I was hooked. After spending a good amount of time with me and discussing options, they offered to let me call them while I was out shopping for a new one. New computer in hand, I had them download my files from a failing hard drive and then Eric spent some time showing me how to use my new MAC (I had been a PC user). Though Eric was the one who helped me through my crisis (yep my entire life was on that computer), Thomas needs a shout out too! They were friendly, professional, courteous and went out of their way to help me.

The atmosphere in the shop is laid back, but they are serious about computers and seriously professional, too. These guys are the best!

Rebecca F. - Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA